Neuer Wartungs-Release 15.03 veröffentlicht

Der neue QGIS Enterprise Wartungs-Release 15.03 ist veröffentlicht. Im Change-Log finden Sie die...


QGIS Enterprise 15.01 released

The first official release of QGIS Enterprise 15 is available. Look here to get an overview about...


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Sourcepole was founded in 2000. The employees have proven experience in GDI development, programming, system administration, project management and GIS analysis.

With Marco Hugentobler, the technical advisor of the QGIS project, and four other official QGIS core developers, Sourcepole is the leading company behind QGIS, the user-friendly and intuitive open source Desktop GIS system.

Organizational Chart

Sourcepole AG

Weberstrasse 5
CH-8004 Zurich
+41 44 440 77 11